Beehive Holdings is an angel fund focused primarily in seed to Series A investing with a sweet spot to support diversified teams. The companies we invest in address challenges and opportunities associated with products and services that are mostly used by women. Beehive Holdings is passionately committed to the success of their entrepreneurs and brings a sought after network of accomplished industry leaders.

Why Now?

How do you increase your ROI 35% and return to shareholders 34%? By increasing ROI and shareholder value can be as easy as hiring women in top management positions.

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Why Us?

We listen and bring strategic connections, strong networking capabilities, and endless energy. We roll up our sleeves, support, coach, and develop our employees and entrepreneurs.

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What’s Up?

Access to capital is a challenge for women entrepreneurs. Yet women-owned businesses are the fastest growing sector of new venture creation, and they have proven to be less likely to fail than the average enterprise. That’s what’s up.

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